Al Farida Halls - Event Venues and Services in Tripoli Libya
DarAlSarah Al Farida Halls - Event Venues, Business Services and Boutique Shops in Tripoli Libya
DarAlSarah Al Farida Halls - Event Venues, Business Services and Boutique Shops in Tripoli Libya
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DarAlSarah offers you 3 main Halls that can be used as wedding hall ( salat afrah ), banquet hall, for wedding fairs, conference or meetings rooms. Choose the hall or halls you need to host a wedding reception, zaffa, najma party, baby shower, fatha, fair or Banquet. For large social occasions or weddings you can rent more than one hall.
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AL FARIDA ROOM 1, 2 and 3 - Reserve Hall or Halls for Wedding, Fatha, Salat Afrah, Zaffa, Najma Mahdar, Baby Shower, Wedding Fair or Banquets in Tripoli Libya
Exhibition, Showroom, Office Space Rentals: Halls, Exposition Areas and Office Spaces
Al Farida Room 1: Rent Hall - Capacity for up to 150 Guests
Al Farida Room 2: Rent Hall - Capacity for up to 600 Guests
Al Farida Room 3: Rent Hall - Capacity for up to 350 Guests
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Weddings in Tripoli Libya: Rent Wedding Hall or halls for an unforgettable Wedding, Banquet, Fatha, Gathering, Party, Baby Shower, Najma or Mahdar
DarAlSarah is an Event Venue for Weddings, Conferences, Banquets, Social Occasions, Trade Shows, Corporate and Educational Events located in the prestigious Bin Ashur Street in Tripoli Libya. We welcome You and Your Guests to the DarAlSarah Halls where our attentive staff is ready to serve you. Rent Halls to host your Conference, Banquet, Wedding, Meeting, Lecture, Trade Show, Exhibition Show, Product Launch, Graduation, Baby Shower, Birthday Party (etc.). DarAlSarah also offers Office Space Rentals, e-Business Consultancy, Web Development and a unique Shopping Experience at the Boutique Al Farida. For further information click the following links.
Office Space for Rent in Tripoli Libya: Long Term and Short Term Office Rentals
Conference and Meeting Rooms in Libya: Rent Venue or venues for your next Corporate event, Exhibition, Meeting, Convention or Banquet
Exhibition Halls, Showroom and Office Spaces Rentals: Hall with ready Exposition Area, Rent Temp Office Space to close deals during events
Services for Event Organizers - Conference, Trade Show and Wedding Organizers
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